We are proud to consider our maps as unique.
They are conceived with the aim to provide an exotic and immediate visual impression of each depicted area and, at the same time, to supply in detail all current and useful information.

Special attention is given to the diverse and fascinating vegetation found within each area.

The ecological features, including the density of the vegetation itself, are accurately reproduced. All maps have been framed with full colour renderings of the most common trees and plants along with their botanical, English and local names (mostly Kiswahili and Maa).

Each site is scrupulously checked for accuracy, and the master copy of each map is strictly and exclusively drawn by hand. Final editing, colour separation and printing takes always place in Italy, where some of the highest standards of quality are met.

Like numerous tour operators, travel agents and thousands of tourists – since 1994 – we are sure that you will find these maps very practical, useful and, over all, we hope you will find them beautiful too.

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the Author
Giovanni Tombazzi